Atlanta Bail Bonding Case Study: Testing Sales Processes

I’ve been in the sales and marketing industry now for about 12 years. I recently have run across an interesting business model called bail bonds. Now, I know that most of us have heard of this type of business before, but I think the opportunity to increase sales in this type of industry is absolutely incredible. If you’ve ever had the misfortune of utilizing a bail bonding service before, I’m sure as a consumer you weren’t impressed. Any time I see a hole in the sales process, I always think of ways to improve. Heck, maybe I’ll even start my own bail bonds company. For now, though, I’ll just explain the sales process a bit while looking at one company in particular called Bail Bonding Now in Atlanta, Georgia. Here’s their basic info…

Bail Bonding Now
235 Peachtree St NE #400, Atlanta, GA 30303

Gaining a Competitive Edge in Atlanta Bail Bonds

I was doing some research for this article for the last couple of weeks and I called several different bail bonds companies. For the most part, they’re all the same. They’ll charge anywhere from 10% – 15% of the total bond established by the judge, and will “put up” the rest of the money, provided that the person promises to show up to court. And by promises, I mean someone they know will be held liable for the entire bond amount if they don’t go in front of the judge when they are supposed to.

That being said, the biggest difference in all of these companies was in their sales process. I called around twenty different companies during normal business hours, and out of those, only half picked up the phone. Only half! Out of those, only four were pleasant with me over the phone, and only two attempted to “close the deal.” One of these companies was Bail Bonding Now and what’s interesting to note, is that they’ve only been around for about a year. Read their guide to bail bonds in Atlanta to understand more about the bonding process in general if you like. The rest of the companies had years of experience on them. I guess they’re relying too much on word of mouth marketing. Too bad for them. This particular company has loads of resources for their potential customers, including a detailed map on how to get to Bail Bonding Now in Atlanta from any direction.

So, basically if you pick up the phone and have some sort of a sales script to use, you’re going to beat out the competition. It’s pretty simple.

Let’s take this into consideration for any type of industry, preferably the one you’re doing business in right now. Test out the competition’s sales processes by pretending to be an interested buyer. See if they even try to qualify you first, or if they even attempt to close the sale. What’s their call-to-action? Whatever they aren’t doing, make sure that YOU do it and after you’ve got all of your other marketing pieces in place, you’ll dominate.

How SEO Can Quadruple Local Sales

There’s a lot of confusion out there about what exactly S.E.O. (search engine optimization) is and how it works. Some people think that it’s the lifeblood of their business development while others think that it’s a complete waste of time. So, what’s the answer? Well, both answers can be accurate unfortunately. To understand if SEO will help your business, you have to have pretty good grasp on marketing as a whole.

First off, if you have customers searching online for services that you offer, then you need SEO. You don’t need just any old hack to try and do some work on your website. You need someone who knows what they’re doing and keeps up with all of the search engine algorithm changes that happen all of the time. Secondly, if you have anyone searching you or your company’s name online, then you need search engine optimization. This can be just creating a Google Places profile with a map to your location.

The only businesses that don’t need their website optimized are those that don’t have any customers currently. Granted, SEO can definitely skyrocket your business’s income, but it shouldn’t be the cornerstone of how you are creating revenue. It’s usually a best practice to bootstrap your SEO efforts with income being generated from more traditional methods. Just look at it like this. Ketchup and mustard don’t make a meal, but it’s really hard to eat a hot dog without them. Search engine optimization is like that.

Can Search Engine Optimization Help My Business?

Okay so here’s the deal. Yes, search engine optimization can help you. More importantly, here’s how. A search engine optimization company in Atlanta has recently put it like this…the search engines only have ten spots on the first page. It’s the search engine’s job (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) to provide you with the best results possible, or you might just jump over to one of their competitors and do a search. Therefore, these companies need some way to decipher what exactly you are searching for, and how to serve up the best results. Only the most informational and relevant websites get to the first ten spots. If your website isn’t there, than no one is looking at it.

Research has shown that less than 2% of people ever go to the second page of search results. Therefore, upping your game when it comes to internet marketing is pivotal in your company’s success. Utilizing great keyword research tactics can help you a bit. Harnessing the power of social media marketing can help you a bit. Getting links from other websites can help you a bit as well. All in all, doing something is better than nothing. Get to it. :)

The Ultimate Solution For Marketing That You Can Learn

The time to upgrade concerns every computer owner eventually. Maybe your old laptop is as well sluggish, or doesn’t have sufficient memory, or simply won’t run the programs you need. Or maybe your eye has been caught by a shiny brand-new laptop, bristling with features. But which to do with your dependable aged box?

There are a number of possible remedies. First, get in touch with the store selling your new laptop to view if they take trade-ins. Some stores do, either as an unique promotion or as common practice. The issue here, however, is that they might not offer you much for your aged laptop computer, especially if it’s greater than a couple of years of ages. So that leaves the a lot more traditional approaches? ads as well as the Net. You can sell your laptop by positioning an ad in your regional newspaper? be prepared to pay a reasonable cost per line or each word. Newspapers still have an influence, but you merely may discover your customer this way. However you can get to thousands, possibly countless possible purchasers by placing an advertisement online.

Craigslist is a great choice to discover neighborhood customers? but beware. You will wish to make certain you are cautious about welcoming individuals right into your the home of examine your laptop computer. It’s far better to make plans to meet at some neutral area, like a coffee bar or perhaps the mall. There have actually been a lot of cases of Craigslist marketers being duped, or of unscrupulous types seizing the day to look into your property, then returning later to burglarize it.

That leaves eBay and also various other public auction websites. These have the advantage of protecting your anonymity, since you do every little thing online. eBay is checked out by millions each day, which substantially improves your chances of locating a purchaser. Ensure you make the most of their Paypal defense plan to ensure you do earn when you ship off your aged laptop computer to the buyer.

No matter what the sales approach, there are some fundamental points you should do prior to letting your aged computer system go. First, get rid of all individual information? files, photos, email? it’s ideal to reformat your hard drive as well as reinstall the os and any kind of applications you’re including in the sale. This protects you against prospective identity theft concerns. Provide the laptop computer a good cleaning? wipe off the display, clean the key-board, as well as usually make it look good. Then consist of any kind of installation or recovery disks you have, stuff it tightly, but deliver it insured. Then use the cash you have actually made to assist spend for that glossy brand-new laptop.

The Secret For Marketing Revealed

So you are wondering if success in network marketing is truly feasible.

First off, yes.
Is it simple? No. Is it easy? Of course. The very first thing people need to realize in order to have success in internet marketing is that it isn’t really get rich quick. Any individual selling you on the idea that for a fifty buck start up price as well as a fantastic website already established for you is all you need as well as 60 days from now you will certainly be rolling in the dough is most likely making money for authorizing you up, which falls under some unlawful pyramid laws that we won’t get into right here. Mlm is a partnership company. It is not a sales company, although product absolutely needs to move with your business, you don’t need to concentrate on selling your items door to door or having a “event plan” style meet. The huge players around will certainly inform you that you have to write down a hundred of your closest pals.

Experience your cellular phone or personal digital assistant and also jot down everybody you recognize. Offer them a phone call as well as without informing them anything, view if you can get them to the next Opportunity conference and some hotels and resort where a glossy talker will get them all inflated but will help you construct your business for you. The only trouble is that your friends and family will most likely begin to disown you considering that they feel like your attempting to make money off of them as well as they consequently will have to go out and also make money off of their close friends.

Instead of alienate your friends and family, it’s finest to learn a bit regarding your firm, your items as well as the payment strategy. Locate a person in your organization that could assist you identify that the most effective potential customers for your company plan are and also gradually introduce them right into just what your doing, not by dragging them to some meeting, yet possibly offering them access to some details online through video or an e-book.

Ask for their point of view, not if they would like to “Join”. Inform them you are checking something out and also you desired their responses considering that you trust their opinion. If they like exactly what they see, they will certainly tell you and also request even more details. This isn’t really for every person as well as if you persuade them to get in your business you will have to keep persuading them month after month to order products or stay included with conference calls, etc.. That’s a waste of your time and also theirs. People are trying to find companies they can fly house in their leisure. They have actually become aware of success in multi level marketing and are looking for the ideal business to straighten themselves with. Look for those people out. They are all over. Would you rather run an advertisement for a builder to develop your house or run an advertisement for an educator that you could demonstrate how to build a home but expect great outcomes? It’s a no-brainer! On one you invest hours showing them the best ways to do what you want, yet with the other, they have the basic expertise as well as skill and will anticipate informing themselves further if they need it. Find a trustworthy business, with a product that folks wish and also buy in some kind currently, with an understandable payment plan and also ideally an on-line discussion that does the help you. When the individual you send out the details sees that you didn’t have to learn a lot of realities but amounts but be some great presentation master that has no fear of rising before a hundred or even more folks and also speaking for an hour, they will certainly be a lot more available to your idea, since they recognize that any person can do exactly what you did.

You sent them to a site, followed up to understand if they had any sort of concerns that just weren’t answered there and also present them to some other members of your group if they are interested. If they are, great but if not, immaterial. Just how much time did it take you to send them a connected to your website but do a follow up call? On the other hand, driving to a conference, wishing the person will certainly turn up, leaving your partner and also kids at home, investing cash to obtain in the conference cause they need to pay for the conference room somehow and also getting all dressed up is crazy. There are several methods to get individuals to your web site and learning about them can be done, occasionally free of cost through video clips on the internet, blog sites and posts. There are many individuals about to share their success ideas. Just how would you like to be mentored completely free whatever company you join? 

What To Do About Marketing Before It’s Too Late

Today’s world is filled with the have to link but be associated with. That is why a lot of web sites that showcase social media networks are so well-liked but such an important component of today’s culture. Therefore, if you have suggestions, products, solutions, as well as or various other things that you want to share to the world, this is the automobile where to do so. Understanding which social media network is most ideal for you can be a tricky process, as there are many that have different kinds of functions as well as slight subtleties.

Yet when you join a business that specializes in marketing and in obtaining your concepts around, you will have a team of specialists that do the research but collect the logical data required for you to determine merely which networking website is best for you.The company you pick will certainly identify exactly what social network sites are most effectively for your certain product and services based on gathered information as well as analytical research.

Then, the team will assemble a game plan about the best ways to develop attention to exactly what you are saying. That might indicate they will create a follower web page on Facebook or send video advertising campaigns or side bar advertisements on YouTube.

Or possibly they will send some Tweet feeds with Twitter, all hing on your kind of item but the audience you want to get to. Alone, you might have some idea of where to target your item, however join with a firm but they will assist you identify the very best possible area that makes sure to generate several, many hits.

The company will take you step by step via the procedures that are required as well as they will aid you figure out the extreme appeal of the social networks and put on it a strong company sense so that you could really use it to your benefit.

Simple Facts About Marketing Explained

Individuals don?t truly provide much value to promotions and also would certainly likely ignore them. Yet there?s a method to make them remember an advertising campaign without them even noticing it.

Redundancy is an idea in Consumer Psychology which entails showing the stimulus several times. It is said that if an item or a brand is shown consistently, then it is most likely to be kept in mind. Also if they neglect a promotion, when they understand it again and again again, it will produce a terrific influence on their subconscious.

One method this idea is used by people in Outdoor Advertising and marketing Industry is through promotions placed on public transports such as trains but buses. Whenever you commute to work, there?s a great opportunity that you?ll encounter again on the way house that Harry Potter signboard you understood at the train station this morning. That makes two direct exposures a day. If you function 5 days a week, that?s 10 direct exposures a week, 40 direct exposures a month and 480 exposures a year. That doesn’t even consist of various other Harry Potter signboards you?ll understand heading.

This shows how influential effective Digital Outdoor Advertising projects could be. Not just were they able to bear in mind the ad yet they additionally had a positive feedback towards it.A case history done by SMRT Media reveals that 77 % of the passengers saw the Glacial epoch ad that they placed in an MRT terminal as component of their Train Advertising Campaign. A bunch of them recollected understanding the ad without being motivated in any way. Regarding 41 % of them also said that they were more than likely visiting see the motion picture as a result of the subway ads.

Redundancies don?t only apply on positioning of advertising campaigns yet likewise on exactly how you promote. By duplicating an expression again and again once again, the opportunities are that individuals will remember it and likely colleague it with the brand. Whenever they view or hear that phrase, they?ll immediately consider the brand name but the other way around. Let?s take an additional instance from SMRT Media about? Outrage of Modesty? Awareness which repetitively explains? Claim No? on their ads. Not just did 70 % of the respondents viewed the ad however 81.1 % remembered it. 8 in 10 of those respondents felt that the ad was educational to both parents and kids.

Other forms of redundancies are with colors and logos. Take Coke for instance. Red has actually always been their signature color and understanding a red could would certainly constantly make you think of Coke.

Ads are a wonderful influence to a great deal of people which develops a lot of debate in terms of brainwashing. However efficient Outdoor Media Marketing could additionally be practical particularly in terms of dispersing understanding to folks that frequently than not, pick not to care. We merely need to remind ourselves to be mindful not only on exactly what we read but enjoy however also on exactly what we claim and also reveal to other people. We have freedom to say exactly what we want to say but we ought to take obligation for it.

Denali Executives Inc Marketing & Sales Tips

Denali Executives Inc, a marketing company from Indianapolis, IN, suggests several ways their employees can climb the ranks very quickly. There is no seniority within their corporation and their is no tenure. It doesn’t matter how long someone has been working there. They train people to be the best managers as quickly as possible. If you are wanting to know how to run your marketing business better, read this post taken from the Denali Executives training curriculum.

Denali Executives 1099 N Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46204 (317) 822-5950

Denali Executives Inc Training

For some of us, we are who’re depending upon how we had been brought up. If you wish to be successful inside your company, you must have the proper state of mind and that may be hard in the event you had been raised a certain way. At Denali Executives Inc, this is constantly reminded to the employees on a daily basis. In case you never discovered it whenever you had been growing up, then you definitely must discover it now. It is feasible you can get assist out of your parents, your mentor or business coach but you have to get it from somebody or somewhere. You might discover that it can be just individual coaching or simply by reading excellent company guides.

Chances are, those things will not get you all of the way. You have to make up your mind in the first place that you DO want to become successful. It’s a lot less complicated than you think. All you have to do is figure out what you stand for and what you stand against. Then, if you make no compromises to your values and goals, that is what making up your mind is all about.

Denali Executives Inc

There are lots of methods to finding out how you can operate a business so you must discover the method which works for you personally. According to Denali Executives, you will discover those who advantage tremendously from attending huge company seminars or conventions. Many people can take distance learning classes or correspondence courses around the internet. You will also discover individuals who should have coaching around the job and have an additional individual with them to help them. There are many options but you need to attempt every of them to figure out the 1 that functions for you personally. What’s essential is the fact that you comprehend info that you simply should know.

Regardless if you work for yourself, you own a big corporation, or you work for someone else, you too can become extremely successful and a vibrant leader of business. Again, its up to you to make up your mind to actually do it. Figure out what you believe in, what you don’t believe in, and do not make any compromises on those things. Recruit the best people to help you in your mission and success is a lot shorter journey than you may think. These are the beliefs of Denali Executives Inc.

The Ultimate Guide To Marketing

Discover Facebook Ads today and also watch your business increase. Like any type of advertising and marketing arena, there’s some competition. Advertisers, on the other hand, are typically impressed at just how little competition there actually is on Facebook.

Given that it is challenging to have an effective project taking place this websites without knowing some secrets, several marketers avert but stick to below average results Google can produce.

This is an error. The rivalry in particular niches is nil on Facebook, however this is not the situation on Google where countless marketers contend for ranking but position though pouring their funds into a pit that could or may not develop results. Facebook gets an estimated 39 billion page sights a month.

It bills less than Yahoo Adwords and today it just has about 1/20th of the advertisers defending placement that Google does.

The lack of competitors on Facebook ads might be excellent information for Yahoo at this point, yet it’s likewise valuable information for you, also.

Remember that 400 million energetic customers? Now is the moment to introduce Facebook projects and also sculpt your specific niche without the fierce but pricey contending firms located on Yahoo. Facebook has the customers and the opportunity simply waiting for those that are smart sufficient to climb on board.

Also in specific niches where Facebook advertisements has rivals, advertisers generally reveal the charges for putting reliable proposals are a great deal less. This truly is given that Facebook is actually recently releasing its advertising and marketing efforts and its rates point is lower.

Some marketer state that Facebook is today’s Yahoo Adwords from regarding five years ago.

The moment to get in on this marketing system is now while the rates is low in addition to the competitors is simply not as fierce. It will not be long before others find the possible Facebook advertisements has to provide.

Once attention is turned in this direction, the competitive attributes of the web website is most likely to increase in addition to prices.

To have begun releasing your Facebook campaigns, you will have to have an exceptional understanding of exactly how this advertising strategy functions. It’s numerous than Yahoo as well as other comparable on the net venues for advertising and marketing. The differences, however, are just what make the potential so surprisingly high.

What’s Really Happening With Marketing

Relationship Advertising

The connection internet marketing method developed in the prompt reaction advertising methods favored within the sixties, 1970’s in addition to 80’s. These types of strategies worried the importance linked with customer preservation in addition to continuous client satisfaction, as opposed to a great raised exposure of person dealings, and also per-case customer quality.

Just what’s Relationship Advertising and marketing?

Connection advertising is in fact a sort of appropriate marketing which concentrates on it is target audience with improved instant house elevators the services and products an individual might have interest about. This varies through other designs associated with marketing for the reason that this searches for in order to keep clients because they develop associations together, instead of prompt and even invasive strategy, that targets investment linked with new company with focusing on extensive majority demographics, based on probability lists purchased through Third event resources.

Due to the fact that standard marketing came to be popular within the sixties and also 1970’s, businesses found this harder to market client items. The preliminary concept experienced advanced right into something, that fixated promoting fairly low-value choices within bulk total up to some greater amount of customers. Due to the fact that the beginning of existing day advertising systems, countless methods take place to be developed so that they could broaden it’s range. Partnership advertising enhanced from this period, and also it is just one of these of the make an effort to enhance the real obtain as well as applicability associated with marketing.

To put it merely, Partnership marketing targets focusing on the connection connected with company in order to client. For those that have a present client bottom, it appears reasonable to realize exactly which these types of customers such as concerning your very own services and products as well as the means you such as a company could boost about this. Ought to you construct about the wonderful organizations a person currently have together with your clients, as well as fruit and vegetables customer dedication, this actually is much more beneficial as compared to placing power towards typically trying to acquire start up company.

Safety Advertising versus. Undesirable Marketing

Connection marketing might be recognized within very easy football-like disorders associated with undesirable along with protective approaches. “Protective” marketing along with “offending” advertising have the tendency to be disorders which were coined with D. Fornell and also W. Wernerfelt within 1987.

Safety advertising and marketing discusses efforts to decrease customer turnover, improve customer commitment along with assistance the client bottom currently in position, via maintaining every one of them delighted with your very own assistance, as well as thinking about your own things. In comparison, undesirable advertising and marketing searches for to obtain brand-new clients as well as boost acquire rate of reappearance. Protective advertising and marketing targets minimizing, or perhaps better managing customer dissatisfaction, whilst undesirable advertising and marketing targets “liberating” not satisfied customers through competitors in addition to shifting every one of them to the undesirable marketer’s client base generally getting clients to alter groups.

Client & Customer Organizations

Partnership advertising is actually an important collective strategy to keep clients. It’s basically a great descendant linked with client in addition to customer Partnership administration. The concept is in fact this particular; bringing in brand-new clients is actually a lot more expensive, however much less lucrative as compared to developing current customer commitment. Through structure as well as marketing your own current clients through investigation and also a recognition, you’ll create a faithful clientele for a long period of time, along with much less price in addition to higher results. Producing sustaining organizations utilizing the clients a person currently have is truly a formula for lasting marketing accomplishment.

An Unbiased View of Marketing

Marketing is critical in this duration. As a result, there are lots of advertising and marketing task all around. But to build a successful job in marketing, you should comply with some suggestions. Below are 10 suggestions to assist you take command of your career in advertising and marketing.


  • Dealing with Collect: an advertising and marketing level from the caries much weight. Nonetheless, employers do not only satisfy the quality. Effective marketing entails a good deal of functional know-how. Therefore, the more dealing with you have in this area the best for you. If you are a pupil, you could get work experience by deciding to exercise in different marketing firms. A few of them are paid internships that will certainly give you some money. Or else, also the encounter to accumulate a bunch of value.

  • Choose a business with caution: the name of the firm you work for has an essential job. You ought to decide on a society in which it is feasible for finding out as well as enhancement.
  • Training is crucial: before going to work, training is readily available to you. Attempt to discover as long as feasible throughout this period to stay clear of mistakes at the workplace.
  • Communicate successfully: interaction abilities are vital when it involves marketing. You should be well versed in the language that interacts in tests and also those points are not permitted. You will not have the ability to thrill the client if you are weak in interaction.
  • Know the best ways to excite: exactly how you behave with clients is very important. You must understand how to thrill customers. Be polite but polite to your customers. Welcome those you meet. Address them effectively with a cozy smile. At the end of the discussion by stating? thanks for your determination,? etc.
  • . Item choice is essential to select the items on the marketplace unless you are comfortable with. If you are not delighted with some products, it is extremely difficult for you to offer them. It is an unlimited range of items. So do not be a problem. You can take something that you are comfy omitting something that embarrasses you. As an example, some youngsters may discover unpleasant makeup items on the market.
  • Ask yourself if you count on the item you are marketing will not manage to convince the consumer until and also unless you rely on itself an item. The trick to success is via honest means.
  • Teamwork is necessary and should for that reason share the work and consult the group that is functioning. Program your skill as well as your capacity to perform the job at a lot of. Yet do not take too lightly anybody. Avoid any sort of rubbing and also to preserve cordial relations with everyone.
  • Communicate with your boss at meetings but conferences.
  • Be passionate about your occupation but try to do their job with no tension from their bosses or coworkers.